2015 Upper Saddle River Youth Triathlon!

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Sorry, the 2015 event has been cancelled.

For the past 11 years the USR Rec Commission led by our Rec Director, Ed Gartner have run an event in town that just spoke to the spirit and heart of a small group of children from both our community and surrounding towns. Twelve years ago I was out in Los Angeles and participated in a 5k race on July 4th and right after the race, there was this other event for children. It was a biathlon which involved running and biking. At that time I was a member of the Rec Commission and thought what a great idea, so with the support of all the members of the commission and the tireless effort of Ed, we created the USR Youth Triathlon.

Over the years the amount of participants have been from 65 up to almost 150. Many of the tri-athletes started when they were 8 and kept doing the event every year until they reached the age of 14. I was always at the pool, cheering along with the parents the first stage of the event and for many the toughest part of the race. Over 11 years I think we had only 1 person not finish the swimming stage. It was so inspiring and satisfying knowing that here was an event that did not rely on parents to be involved (except to get the athlete to the pool ripe and early). In a time when parents are so involved in their children's lives, this was a moment for the 8 year to stand on their own two feet and just have a great opportunity to express his/herself. I always felt that this was one of the most important pieces in this race.

Unfortunately this year, to my surprise our enrollment is under 50 athletes. I tried through an editorial in the Town Journal to "rally the troops" but it seems to no avail. I am sad to announce that we decided because of lack of participants to cancel the race.

Thanks have to go out to all the volunteers that have helped make this race so safe and successful. Led by Debbie Davidoff and Barry Ervin, we have always had enough volunteers that are required supervising at the pool, on the road and finally in Lion's park for the run. A thanks also has to go out to the Saddle River Valley Swim Club for letting us use their pool and our sponsors, Inserra Supermarkets – Shop Rite, Cyclesport in Park Ridge, USR Youth Guidance, SR Valley Lions Club, USR 5K Run and the Pink Passion Run.

Finally, I want to take a moment to thank Ed Gartner for all his support and leadership in running this event for our town. He has been a great partner and supporter for all events that USR run and I personally am so happy that the Mayor and Council continue to support having a Rec Director for our town.

All registration fees will be refunded in the next two weeks.

Warmest Regards,

Marshall Grupp
Race Director


If you have questions about the event, please send email to usrrecreation@aol.com



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